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Networked thinking, creative processes and workflows are my strengths. Design thinking is part of my everyday life, because I believe that it gives me the opportunity to fundamentally change things.

My Work


Sunken Landscape

Representations of three-dimensional landscape survey data and their influence on archaeological hypothesis formation.

This work was done within the Department of Design at ZHdK (Knowledge Visualization) together with the Department of Archaeology of the Canton of Thurgau
This work won the MA Design Promotion Award 2021 of ZHdK
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diploma project

communication platform
Showcase Design ZHdK
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The boy of Teshik-Tash

For almost a decade, methods of three-dimensional landscape surveying have been used in archaeology. On the one hand, they serve to document sites and, on the other, they allow conclusions to be drawn about their former significance. Striking structures in the 3D data sets are analyzed in depth and often represent the only source of knowledge of a newly discovered archaeological site. How such survey data must be presented and communicated in archaeology to ensure an accurate scientific process and to promote the gain of knowledge is investigated in this master project using 3D models from multibeam echo sounder data of the so-called "Bodensee-Hügeli", an underwater archaeological mystery. 

A digital reconstruction of a Neandertal skull of a 13 year old teenage boy, found in Uzbekistan

Scanning Arnegund

CT-Scans of archaeological block lifts