Scanning Arnegund


This work consists of 3 coherent infographics. They show the modern working method of archaeology. It's about a block lifted early medieval Alemannic grave. The blocks were scanned with a CT-Scanner which allow to make 3D models that show the content of the blocks without destroying the original arrangement within the grave. These infographics tell about modern archaeological methods and the early medieval Ages, they also help archaeological experts in the scientific evaluation of entombment. The 3 pictures cover one single work and should stand for an ecclesiastical triptych, since at the time the Alemannic woman was living it was the beginning of Christianity in Switzerland. It's not clear whether the Alemannic woman was still of a pagan faith. The first picture is a photograph of the 3 staged acrylic glass sheets. It's thought that they are backlit to allow the images to shine and to show the "x-ray" of the blocks visually.

This work was done in collaboration with the Thurgau Department of Archeology.

Neanderthal Museum

For the new permanent exhibition of the Neanderthal Museum in Mettmann (Germany) I was asked to draw some Illustrations in a free and easy pencil style. The illustrations should show an everyday scene in which the exhibited object is involved or they should simply clarify the context in which the object stands.

Cover Illustration

The company Eawag had the opportunity to publish an article in the magazine "Environmental Science and Technology" about the dependence of the pollutant conversion rate on the thermodynamic properties of the iron minerals. An elusive topic on a molecular basis which is not visible to the naked eye. See what I made about it and watch some of my proposals.

Roman Pottery Kiln

For the permanent exhibition of the Archeological Museum of the Canton of Thurgau I was asked to 3D scan, reconstruct and demonstrate the functionality of the fully recovered pottery kiln. 

In addition to the so created infographic I made an animation about it, which is now shown on a screen in the exhibition. 

The Heart


I designed these heart illustrations for a medical technology company. They should clarify the anatomy of the human heart.

I elaborated and shaped the heart with the 3D program Cinema 4D and added the fonts in Adobe Illustrator.

Bachelor Paper


My passion is the primeval time. Our extinct ancestors, the Neanderthals, have fascinated me for a long time. That was the reason I wrote my bachelor paper for the Zurich University of the Arts (Knowledge Visualization) on this topic. It is based on a 3-D-scan of a Neanderthal skull, which I received from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig (Germany). It is the skull of an approximately 13-year-old boy of Teshik-Tash (Usbekistan). First I worked with conventional reconstruction technics then transferred them by means of the 3-D computer program ‘Cinema 4D’ into a digital form. I designed the boy of Teshik-Tash with a yawning face in order to establish a direct connection between the neandertal and the Homo sapiens. Yawning seems to be contagious with both Neanderthals and Homo sapiens. In addition to the reconstruction, which was printed out with a 3-D printer, a few renderings and aquarelles were made. The final result was a sculpture of actual size, which is now on permanent exhibition in the Neanderthal Museum in Mettmann/Düsseldorf (Germany).


With this work I joined a contest for scientific illustrators, for which I received a jury award. It was shown at the international exhibition in the New York State Museum in Albany, NY, "Focus on Nature XIII: Natural and Cultural History Illustration exhibit". The exhibition lasted from April 4, 2014 until January 4, 2015.

Animal Hospital

In a 4 months practical training at Zurich University Animal Hospital I had to develop an educational film of a cesarean section on a cow. I painted the pictures with the computer program ‘Illustrator’ and assembled them with ‘After Effects’ in several short animated sequences. This process made it possible to combine animated sequences as explanatory sections with real film scenes.


Besides this job I designed a tote bag for the Animal Clinic.


These are several sketches and illustrations that accumulated over the years. Some of them I made during my studies, some of them later during my work experience for different companies. I worked with all the different media, like pencil, ink, watercolor, photoshop and probably some more. 

© Livia Enderli. Die hier abgebildeten Arbeiten sind lediglich zur persönlichen Information bestimmt. Jedes Kopieren, Vervielfältigen oder Veröffentlichen in jeglicher Form bedarf meiner Genehmigung.